Steve Cioccolanti Exposes Lies About Donald Trump

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Trump in the Cross-Hairs

What are we to believe when powerful forces have nothing good to say about a person? They put cross-hairs on the head of the US President implying they approve what should be a crime: the assassination of a sitting President.   

The mainstream media has become a contrarian indicator. Whatever they report, just believe the opposite. Here are some things they reported: 

  • Brexit would never happen. 
  • If Brexit happened, Britain’s economy will go down the tube. 


Brits wanted Brexit. Britain’s economy has done just fine after Brexit. Nigel Farage has accomplished what he promised the people. But no credit will be given to Nigel Farage in the mainstream media. 

Here are some more news reported by the media:  

  • Trump would never run for President. 
  • Trump would never win New Hampshire. 
  • Trump would never win South Carolina. 
  • Trump would never be the Republican nominee. 
  • If Trump became the nominee, Trump would never unify the majority of the Republican Party.
  • Trump’s campaign was in meltdown and would never recover. 
  • Trump would never beat Hillary Clinton in the 11 swing states. 
  • Trump would never get 270 electoral college votes. 
  • Trump would never be President. 
  • If Trump became President, Trump would never keep his promises. 
  • Trump would never slow down illegal immigrants
  • Trump would never deport illegal immigrants
  • Trump would never bring manufacturing jobs back. 
  • Trump would never stop transgender bathrooms in public schools. 
  • Trump would never repeal Obamacare. 

ALL. FAKE. NEWS. Trump has done all the above. Now what?




  • The mainstream media – aka fake news – continues to peddle the following stories. 
  • Trump will never build a wall
  • If Trump builds a wall, Trump will never get Mexico to pay for it. 
  • Trump will never defund Planned Parenthood
  • Trump will never abolish Muslim-funded educational curricula called “Common Core”. 
  • Trump will never survive 4 years. 
  • Trump will never win a 2nd term. 
  • Trump will never make America great again. 

As many alternative news commentators including myself have said, if Trump finds the cure for cancer, the fake news outlets will still come out with a hit piece against him. The mainstream media will not give Trump any credit.

  • They will not report the truth. 
  • They will not be journalists. 
  • They will not be fair or objective.  
  • They will not recognize the will of the people: Americans have rejected social communism, cultural Marxism, and any form of revived, revised, or renamed communism which the Left peddles.

The radical agendas of committed left-wing ideologues, social justice warriors, third wave feminists, abortionists, anti-God activists all fall under the rubric of Marxism. Marxism is dead in Karl Marx’s own country (Germany) and in his philosophical colonies (Russia and China). If you want to see Marxism still being implemented by force, go to North Korea or Cuba. But the new Marxists won’t fall for that. They love the benefits of Christian countries too much. 

So what should we believe when we are bombarded with negative messages from the mainstream media? Just the opposite. If they speak well of someone, as they do the most immoral celebrities and politicians, that person is probably a tool of marxist propaganda. If they speak evil of someone, as they predictably do Trump’s cabinet members, that person is probably fighting for truth, justice and the American way. 

Now more than ever the truth of Jesus’ words apply to mainstream media: “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets” (Luke 6:26 NKJ). The majority spoke well of false prophets but spoke evil against Jesus. They fabricated outrageous accusations about the sinless Son of God! “The people answered and said, Thou hast a devil…” (John 7:20 KJV). 

If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you…” (John 15:20 NKJ). John the Baptist was teetotaler and moral preacher who confronted powerful people with their sins. But that’s not how the first-century news reported it. Jesus exposed the deception of His own time, “For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon.’” (Luke 7:33 NKJ). 

The parallels between John the Baptist and Donald Trump are coincidental but interesting nonetheless. Donald Trump is a teetotaler. Trump is a confrontational personality who is fearless about exposing the corrupt and powerful. Trump is a believer in Jesus Christ. Don’t be deceived by cries of “false prophet”. The swamp is speaking. Trump is going to drain the swamp!

Jesus gave us several warnings about the level of deception in the end times. “They shall deceive the very elect” (Matthew 24:24 KJV). Some Christians irrationally hate Trump and blindly follow the Marxists who oppose the Top 5 Christian values: Christ, life, liberty, family and private property

The mainstream media have exposed themselves to be nothing more than Marxist Propagandists. They are tools of leftist tyranny. 

Tyrants use their power to crush their opponents. Their strategy is three-pronged. They use: 

1) their propaganda machine to mock, discredit or dehumanize their opponents; 

2) their legal machine to threaten, harass or imprison their opponents, and 

3) their police and military to force their opponents into submission, silence them, or execute them.

So when you see the mainstream media out to destroy Trump and demean the 61 million people who voted for him, you are seeing what they are like without political power. Imagine if they had the White House!


What lies do you want to expose about the mainstream media? Comment. 

2 DVDs on how the “False Image of the Beast” works and what you can do now to avoid deception

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